Different Strokes of Paint

There are many different types of paint just as they’re different many style of paintings. In an art that I took my professor introduced us to art by talking about the western styles of painting. As a financially struggling art student in college, I was lucky enough to attract beautiful women. When I would go out on dates with women or when I would meet their parents they would ask me what I did for work or what I was studying in school. When I would answer the question that I was a painter, I would always get people who asked me questions like “how much do you think you would charge me to paint my house?” Sometimes I thought they were joking so I would just stared at them blankly. After a while, it was brought to my attention that these people were being serious and thought that I was a painting contractor for hire. No, I was not. It just didn’t make any sense. Were people so focused on only the material aspect of things that they couldn’t consider that I was actually an artist and that when I mention painting I was talking about the same type of painting that Michelangelo or Pablo Picasso did. Was what I was saying so far off?

Very rarely do I come across someone who understood the style of art that I was trying to master. I was and still am more intrigued with the eastern style of painting where you would see more of the Japanese an Indian style of pictures.Usually when I make my portraits I prefer to use flat paint but there’s nothing wrong with any other piece of artwork that I’ve seen that had a satin finish or gloss paint.

A lot of my students asked me which type of paint should they use. My answer is always the; same choose the paint that gives you the feel that you were looking for. If you were planning to paint something with bright vibrant colors and you really want to see layers that standout I would recommend using a satin finish or something with the semi gloss. If the artist is looking for something to have a more rustic look or matte finish then I suggest using flat paint. Most beginning art students will try to over analyze things like, which brushes, which paint, which brand, which canvas and on and on. There is a saying, life is short, try to focus on what really matters.” The same can be said about painting something. It doesn’t matter if you are painting a portrait of your best friend, or if you were trying to paint a room in your house. In general, you’ll be happier with the look when you select the right colors in the right tone based off of your personal preference.

My favorite location for painting

Hello everybody, welcome back to my painting and art blog. Today I will be taking to you about how to about my favorite place on this earth to paint. Let’s start with a little story.

I was taking a trip to the us state of California to see my brother and his wife in San Diego and only way there is was driving through Pasadena California when I came across this amazing view point. It looked over the whole city of Pasadena California. Let me say that this city is the most amazing place to paint pictures because of its diverse landscape and the contrast of all the colors. You can literally paint anything because the background just let your mind go into that place of complete calmness to get your head right. I have come back to this place many times to paint a lot of my portraits. The painting I did that day was a landscape painting of the city itself and the horizon. I believe that this is the most beautiful painting I have ever done.

After I was done with that painting I went down to the forest to get in even more natural feel. I was hoping to find a few animals for example maybe some deer or something like that to paint a portrait of. Something about nature can just really let your mind drift off to where it needs to be so you can paint with the best skill you have ever used.

I had found the perfect spot down in the forest next to a creek that the sunlight shimmered off of. There was a nice array of trees with a nice background of rocks surrounding the water. As I pulled out my painting equipment, a massive windstorm had picked up so I had to leave. I thought I would just come back the next day, so I did. When I got back I had noticed that the wind was so strong that night before that a few of the trees got knocked over blocking my perfect nature photo to paint. short on time to get my painting done to get over to San Diego to see my family, I had called an emergency tree service company to come remove the trees necessary for my painting to be perfect. I had called Pasadena tree service ca. They took care of the problem immediately and then they were on their way so that I could finish my beautiful portrait. I was able to get it done and it looked even better then I had ever imagined.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for an awesome place to paint, I recommend that you visit Pasadena California.

Best paint colors

Hello everybody, I’m back with another painting article for you guys. Today we will be moving away from the artistry side of painting and more on the home-improvement side . We will be talking about the best paint colors for your room. Below is a list of the top paint colors that I would recommend to make your room pop.

Azura Blue- Blue is always great color to add to your room because it just makes everything pop so well. I chose this type of blue because I think it is the most vibrant shade of blue that is out there. There is nothing else that will make your room look as bold as this color. This is a very good choice if you want your walls to really stand out and if you want people to go whoa when they step into your room. Blue is really a great color for a bedroom because it can go with anything. I have never once heard somebody look at my room and say wow this looks like crap. No that just doesn’t happen. So overall if you’re looking for a color that is going to make everything stand out but look professional and sophisticated, than Azura Blue is definitely the color that you want to choose.
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Canvas Painting


Hey everyone, I am back to share another artist repost with you guys. Today I will be talking to you about how to paint on a canvas.

One thing you have to notice is that there is a certain technique to painting on a canvas. Remember that this is a different surface then a paper easel. It is a little bit more rough and tends to grab the paint a little bit more so you want your brush strokes to be lighter than usual. To be a good canvas painter it is going to take years of practice. Don’t expect to pick this up overnight, even if you have a natural inclination for painting it will still take time to master it.

Painting on a canvas is awesome because it’s just such a different texture than paper. When you paint a picture on a canvas, it really gives a different finish to the painting. Instead of dole it is actually much more glossy. A lot of people think that paper was the first material that people painted on but that is wrong. Canvas has actually been around for much longer. Let’s give a little history lesson on this. In the earliest stages, canvas was actually more like a leather that they got from animals are using their hide. Back in the Renaissance ages, people didn’t have the technology to make sheets of paper so they had to paint on something. Canvas painting dates all the way back to as far as 3000 years ago. Some of the oldest paintings were from the Roman ages. It’s amazing how preserved the canvas made these paintings. If you put a painting on paper and didn’t take absolute amazing care of it, it wouldn’t last more than 100 years. Canvas is a permanent type of material because the paint seeps into the canvas itself, so it’s like the canvas became one with the painting. If you ever take a piece of canvas and water you will see how well it absorbs the water, it’s insane. But getting back to topic, I personally love painting on a canvas much more than I do paper because I feel it is just so much easier. On top of that it just feels a lot more traditional.

There are certain techniques you want to use when painting on a canvas because like I said before, it is very absorbent and you do not want to push too much paint. This is something that you want to be very Floweli with and paint with a lot of finesse. Another awesome thing about a canvas is that The paint will dry really fast, letting you paint your pictures in a much faster timeframe than if you were just doing it on paper. If you were painting on a canvas and you end up messing up all you have to do is paint white over it and then start over. It is very hard to do that on paper because it will start to become very heavy and the colors will sleep through the back.

If you are looking for a material that is not only going to make your pictures look that much more vibrant, but is very durable, and gives you a much more traditional feel. Then I would definitely recommend that you start painting on a canvas because in my opinion you are not A true artist until you have done so.

Like I always say everyone, if you like this post and you want to hear more. Stay posted and check back every day for new content I will be rolling out.

Remember to stay painting every day so that you can master your skills.

The history of painting

Hello everybody back at you with  another post about painting.  Today we will be talking about the history of painting and where it came from.


Painting  is something that has existed for tens of thousands of years. The first paintings go all the way back to the era of the caveman. There are some paintings that geologists have found in caves that they think  reach back as far as  50,000 years.  It is amazing because by doing this we were able to find out just what life was like for these people. Paintings are amazing because they really do a great job of telling stories throughout history. A painting can have so many hidden messages in it.

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Welcome to Our Painting Blog

Hello everybody, welcome to the world’s greatest blog about painting art. My name is Jake and I created this blog because I am a master artist and I would love to teach everybody about how they can become a master painter themselves. Art is something that I have a true passion for it and I believe that everybody has A creative mind for painting.

Painting is just an amazing thing. You can literally put your emotions and your life’s story in your artwork. You can send so many messages through painting. This blog will be dedicated to the importance of why artistry needs to be taught to everyone. I will be doing many posts about different painting techniques you can use to become a better painter. There will also be blog posts about news on famous and up-and-coming artists, some history about fine art, and a little bit of critiquing on famous paintings.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for more content arriving soon. I hope that you enjoyed my first post on what there is to come. If you would like to know a little bit more about my story and this blog, then just go over to the about artistry section of the site. Thank you for reading today and good luck with your painting!